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HDFC Domestic Process

We are offering HDFC Payment Reminder Domestic Process

HDFC Payment Reminder Domestic Process

HDFC Payment Reminder Domestic Process

We are offering an Amazing Legit Process, named HDFC Payment Reminder Domestic Process. Process is about First Level Collection Process, calling nature will be Outbound Calling to existing Clients. HDFC Payment Reminder Domestic Process is best process to startup you own Call Center. There are Amazing Payouts like INR 25K per Seat. Payments will be on time & Yes! There are several technical requirements which can see below in details or in PDF (Attached Below).

HDFC Payment Reminder Domestic Process

Process Details

First Level Collection Process.

Nature of Call

Outbound call to the existing customer and reminding them to make the payments on the due date.

No. of Agents

25 Agents Per Slot.

No. of Calls/Day

Each Agent has to take 120 connected calls per day. If it’s doesn't happen then they need to clarify to the bank what was the reason they couldn’t achieve it.

Penalty Clause

Not there.

Termination Clause

Only if the center is closed without prior information more than 3 days the contract will be Automatically Terminated.


INR 25K per Seat + S.T. + PSTN on Actual.


After invoicing 30 days.

Preferred Languages

Hindi & English - Mostly English Fluent Accent Required.

Hardware Requirement

Yes, Dialers/Voice Log.


Anywhere in India.

Dead Line

ASAP, since we are Running out of Time.

For More Details Please Check the PDF.
Check PDF
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