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Citi Bank Domestic Process

We are offering Citi Bank Payment Reminder Process

Citi Bank Domestic Process

Citi Bank Payment Reminder Domestic Process

We are always trying to provide Quality Process to our Existing Customers or our New Customers. So following this motive, we are offering Citi Bank Domestic Outbound Process. This Process is about to Calling, process can be start with minimum 10 agents. Each Agent has to take minimum 120 Connected Calls per day. There is Amazing Payouts like INR 170/Hour. Signup Procedure is very Fast & Transparent. For more Information check the PDF attached below and Contact us for any Query.

Citi Bank Payment Reminder Domestic Process

Process Details

First Level Collection Process.

Nature of Call

Outbound call to the existing customer and reminding them to make the payments on the due date.

No. of Agents

20 Agents

No. of Calls/Day

Each agents has to take 120 connected calls per day. If it’s doesn't happen then they need to clarify to the bank what was the reason they couldn’t achieve it.

Penalty Clause

Not there

Termination Clause

Only if the center is closed without prior information more than 3 days the contract will be automatically terminated.

Calling Minutes

Will be paid on actual. The centers submit the invoice for the same.


INR 170/hour


After invoicing 30 days.

Signup Procedure

  1. The Centers need to come to Bangalore, there will be 1 Round of meeting & after meeting & Center can check the agreements of Citibank Signed with the L1 Company. Once they verify everything then the company will share the SLA.
  2. All communications and reporting will be done with the Citibank officials.
  3. The signup will happen through a vendor who has bagged this contract & also PFA of CITI Bank SLA Draft Copy of terms & conditions.

INR 6 Lac & 3% Royalty
For More Details Please Check the PDF.
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